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{Mr. + Mrs. McMaster} Married

Have you ever been to a wedding that was so FUN that you never wanted it to end?! Adee and John's wedding was definitely one of those! Not only was it a blast, it was also unconventional, full of surprises, and they are the epitome of #couplegoals! The wedding took place at a stunning private home in San Juan Capistrano. The decor was gorgeous, and believe it or not, the bride did the florals herself! They had the coolest "guest book" I have ever seen - it was a handmade wood bench that they had everyone sign that they'll put in their home.

Adee and John decided to forego the traditional wedding party, so Adee had her best friend Kate assist her in getting ready.

She had some gorgeous details that we wanted to make sure to capture as well. Her Mom passed away several years ago, and she had made a memorial locket with photos of her, and tied it onto her bouquet so her Mom could be there with her. Adee's wedding band had also been her Mother's. Both of these things were so sentimental and I thought it was a wonderful way to honor her!

If you know me personally, you know that glitter is my favorite color, so I was obsessing over all of her sparkling details in her accessories.

John got ready in a super cool cave room, and he looked so handsome! He is a cargo shorts and t-shirt kind of guy, so it was fun to see him all dressed up!

They had told their guests to all wear costumes, so the ceremony was such a great mix of beauty, emotion and laughter! It was so fun to watch their faces as they walked down the aisle and saw all of the costumes. The guests went ALL OUT!!

During the ceremony they were presented with a "ball and chain" from a friend dressed as Popeye, which made everyone laugh. I found myself wiping a few tears during their vows, and loved seeing them so filled with joy as they became husband and wife!

After the ceremony we went out back to take some family and couples portraits...

...and were crashed by a few was AMAZING...

Yes, that is a real Dexter!!!