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Karlene + Rob

I FINALLY decided it was time to start a blog! So welcome to my first post, and if you're reading this - thank you!! A few weeks ago I took a solo vacation (my first solo trip ever that wasn't work related and it was incredible!) to the East Coast of Canada! I visited Halifax and the surrounding areas and then took a flight over to Newfoundland which blew my mind!!

Anyway, I wanted to reach out to locals to figure out exactly what I should do while I was there, so I thought local photographers would be an awesome place to start! I found Karlene on Instagram through local hashtags and sent her a message asking for advice and long story short we ended up doing a photoshoot of her and her boyfriend, Rob! They were so much fun and absolutely adorable. In addition to getting some rad shots, I also got to experience Halifax like a local, which I am so appreciative of!

These are a few of my favorites from their shoot! The forest is such a different backdrop than I'm used to, I loved it!

#engagement #halifax

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